Mozilla and Open download information

Stop waisting your time looking for the install CD's, go through the trouble of typing in serial number to unlock the program's that you thought you own and find out the you don't (because you can't make a copy of the CD you just purchased....or share them)  just to find they are scrached and need to be replaced or that you have exceeded your allowed number of installs.   Just use the internet any time you want down load and automatical install for free of charge the programs programs you need and at the same time support digital freedom, and public standards.....  Links to downloads below.

Mozilla is an open-source web browser and toolkit, designed for standards compliance, performance and portability. provides binaries for testing and feedback. For more about, read Mozilla at a Glance. or goto the web site after you have installed Mozilla goto the

Mozilla plugin applications Mozilla browser is becoming an operating system in it own right in many ways if you want to create or down load for free Mozilla plugin applications.  Mozilla Development (  Orgnisation is the place.  Mozilla with the applications give you capabitities based on public standards that you can not find any where else.  The download of the applications is completely automatic and you don't have to reboot your machine. 
Take a look at the  Top 50 Mozilla plugin applications  or go to the  web site
Open Office is the leading international office suite that will run on all major platforms and provide access to all functionality and data through open-component based APIs and an XML-based file format.

"," the overall project, comprises more than twenty public projects. There are three main categories:

Each category further houses many projects and sub-projects.  You will find many Languages supported.

Mozilla 1.4 download
This is a stable release. New to Mozilla? Get this.

Nightly Builds
Created most weekdays from the previous day's work, these will probably work, but may not. Use them to verify that a bug you're tracking has been fixed. MacOS X, i386 Linux, Windows,Linux PPC, Solaris (2.7/SPARC,2.6/SPARC,2.6/x86),FreeBSD,Irix,BeOS, HPUX, OS/2,etc.

 OpenOffice 1.03 download

  • 1.0.3  The office suite application. Links to installation instructions for Windows and Linux are on the page. Note: If you downloaded 1.0.3 you may experience printer issues. We have a patch you can download that fixe these. You can also download the update,
  • Mac OS X (X11)  The release runs on Darwin and Mac OS X using X11. It is ready for use by all users; X Windows is included in the download.
  • 1.1 Beta 2 1.1beta 2 is not as finished as 1.0.3 but offers some interesting new features. Try it.