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Justification for the chosen University
fayolle Page 1 22/ 05/ 02
Justification for the Choice of the University of Aizu as an Hosting University for the Monbusho Grant
Fayolle Pierre-Alain
The present paper is a tentative to justify and explain to the reader the choice of the University of Aizu as an hosting University.
Firstly, I am aware that due to budget restriction, the Japanese Government is reluctant to offer grant in private university, and choose preferably national university. Please be aware that the
University of Aizu is not a private university but a prefectural university. Furthermore I have been told by people from Aizu University that the fees were not more expensive ( even less expensive ) than
the fees for the University of Tokyo for example. Finally, I am also ready to pay, if my form is accepted, the differences between the fees of a national university and the fees of the Aizu University.

The University of Aizu is located in the prefecture of Fukushima, in the city of Aizu Wakamatsu. It is a recent institute of technology dedicated to Computer Science and Information
It provides huge means and materials for Computing Science researches. The University of Aizu has also strong and wide relationships with lots of universities and searcher
nationwide but also worldwide. It is also located in an area with a strong historical background ( the Castle of Aizu Wakamatsu, the
Fukushima museum ), that made possible the existence of the Aizu History project, in which my researchs could find direct and concrete applications. The university has also relationships with the
Fukushima museum that lead recently to works in the reconstruction of Aizu statues ( Haniwa ) by means of computer digitalisation. Researchs in other universities could therefore not let us apply our
theory to these historical projects ( please refer to the papers : Study Program in Japan in Details and Field of Study joined with the form for further informations on practical applications of our research in
the field on history digitalisation and the impact for museums )
Another good point is that I already know the University of Aizu and people working in this university, since I lived five months in Shiokawa, near Aizu Wakamatsu City, between July 2001 and
December 2001, and did some research there. I also have lots of friends in the prefecture of Fukushima, who will help me in my integration in Japan.
The fact that I already know the area will also be helpful for finding a place to live and for solving some everyday problems. Furthermore, I know in Aizu doctors, and people working in
administrations, so that I could be able to quickly find help if it is necessary and thus be more efficient in my research.

Sincerly, Fayolle Pierre-Alain. 1