The Proposed Graduate Research 
of Fayolle Pierre-Alain 


Fayolle Pierre-Alain  graduate research is based on Fuctional Repsentation (F-rep) modeling.  The proposed research will focus on the difficulte task of the construction of a function representation based volume models from unorganized sets of 3D points.  These data sets will be obtained with laser and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners.  The research task will include the integration of  nonlinear parallel processing such as Genetic Algorithms, Neural Network and application concetps such as Radial Basis Function and Green's fuction into F-Rep.

The outcome of the proposed research as described above by Fayolle Pierre-Alain in 3D Scanning and F-Rep reconstruction is it will offer deep significance improvements in data processing, archiving, migration and visulation over a wide range of practical applications such as : Industrial Design and CAD system, Historical digitalization and Restoration, Historical Simulation and Populating, Medical analisys, visualization and reconstruction.