Sazaedo  2001


Work in Progress






Sazaedo 2001 walk in animation

It is a small .GIF animation file at 320 by 240   It uses popup windows.  It will play automatically; after down load, it will play faster.  The quality is very low; however, if you want to take the time, there is a high quality version in the .AVI format just below.
 Sazaedo 2001 walk in animation
It is a large .AVI file and may take as much as 45 minutes for down load.  It uses popup windows.  When the window comes up and has finished loading, right click on the image in the window and select play.  This version does not have the textures that you see above.  A streaming version will be available on line soon;  it will play as it down loads.

To be done -  mapping, mapping and more mapping ...
Continued polygon reduction
Copying, naming and grouping all instanced objects
Modeling of roof above back door
Modeling on back walls of shrines
More mapping and more mapping.

December 26, 2001
Benjamin Britton
Carl Vilbrandt