VITAE 2000     Recent work
 06/01/1999 to 5/30/2002 
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from 06/01/1999 to 05/30/2002 
given to the University of Aizu by 
Carl Vilbrandt,  Associate Professor

Software Department

     Associate Professor
     Computer Arts Lab 

     Aizu-Wakamatsu City 
     Fukushima, 965-8580 Japan 

   Phone: +81-(0)242-37-2792 
     Fax: +81-(0)242-37-2772 
     Room: 327-B  Ext: 2792

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1964/67 - Undergraduate/Apprentice to the Conservator - Chicago Art Institute
Chicago, Illinois, USA

1968/74 - BA/MFA (Masters of Fine Art) - San Francisco Art Institute
San Francisco, California, USA (see Fine Art Shows . . .)

1973/75 - Masters Work in Psychology/Art Therapy - John F. Kennedy University
Walnut Creek, California, USA

1973/75 - Art Therapist, National Institute of Mental Health at Emmanuel,
Turlock, California, USA

1976/79 - Manufacturing Research Engineer/Aerospace, Rohr Industries,
Riverside, California, USA; responsible for development, planning and reporting in: 1979/82 - Manufacturing Technology Engineer/Aerospace, Nonmetals Technology Department, General Dynamics, Fort Worth, Texas, USA; Program Manager of Technical Modernization Fabrication of Skin to Core, responsible for development, planning and reporting in: 1982/83 - Senior Manufacturing Engineer/Automation, Cooper Petroleum Equipment Division of Gardner Denver, Dallas, Texas, USA 1984/90 - President, Applied CAD/Applied 3D Fort Worth, Texas, USA;
Computer Aided Design Consultants, System Analysis for development of: 1990/99 - President, Applied CAD/Art
Eugene, Oregon, USA; company's focus is virtual reality construction for advanced tooling designs, historical and environmental restoration. Projects include: 1991/99 - Teacher for advanced 3D-CAD, Lane Community College
Eugene, Oregon, USA; authored textbook, Applied 3D CAD.

1999 to present - Associate Professor, Computer Arts Lab, University of Aizu
Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima, JAPAN; recent publications:

Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Senior Member and Chairman Educational Committee
Robotics International Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Charter Member and Pro-Tem Program Chairman
Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering
National Management Association
Teacher of Management Development Series
Texas A & M University Manufacturing Support Association
Chairman of Committee for Productivity as a representative of General Dynamics
United States Institute for Theater Technology
Technical Advisory Committee/Applied Engineering
Lane Community College, Eugene, Oregon



Exhibitions and awards in mixed media paintings, ceramic, resin, fiberglass, aluminum, bronze and welded steel sculpture from 1970 to the present:

IN SUMMARY: written in 1998 please see recent works above

Carl has devoted his life to the study of 3D spatial perception, understanding materials and processes in the real world and their representation in the virtual world.

Carl's emphasis while a graduate student at the San Francisco Art Institute was in sculpture. He mastered the technique of moulage moldmaking, such as is used in medical models, and is noted for his complex 3D molds (some over one hundred pieces) of realistic and imaginary, original wax sculptures. He has cast in ceramic, resin, fiberglass, aluminum and bronze; built ceramic kilns and bronze tilt furnaces. He created monumental sculpture in welded sheet steel and is a master ceramist, studying pottery from around the world with a special love for Japanese ceramic techniques. Carl has had a lifelong goal of automating complex compound curves such as found in the architectural forms of the Catalonian architect, Antonio Gaudi, in Barcelona, Spain.

Because of such interests, Carl found a match in industry in aerospace, creating manufacturing processes for the complex compound forms of airplane construction. In this environment, he mastered the use of computer-aided design to create mechanical and eventually architectural virtual designs and numerical control manufacturing processes in 3 dimensions. He was one of the first to transfer this technology to PCs (personal computers) and facilitate small to mid size companies in their ability to use this technology with its powerful virtual 3D design capabilities. He has taught seminars at NASA, Cape Canaveral, Florida and in conjunction with Holte Mfg. of Eugene, Oregon, designed and patented an advanced geobit (earth drilling underreamer) which is currently being used to bore the holes for earth anchors on skyscrapers in Hong Kong (see URG see abstracts  ).

In 1992, Carl was joined by his son, Turlif Vilbrandt (see Together, they have created 3 companies Applied CAD/Applied 3D, Applied Vector Modeling, and Myth Works (see with a network of engineers and artists specializing in animated films and VRMLs of virtual industrial designs, historical restorations and artistic/fantasy animations. In 1995, they worked with the University of Aizu in the creation of the Aizu History Project, studying under mia daiku, Mr. Yamagishi. They completed the first virtual reconstruction animated walkthrough of Enchiji. Utilizing archaeological data and information from ancient scrolls provided by Prof. Janet Goodwin's research, (see the animated model was based on as accurate numerical data as possible in contrast to just an artistic rendering. Interest was generated in Sazaedo (see see at that time, and an accurate model has been in virtual construction for the last year and half, Sazaedo being a very complicated design of the double helix. Currently, Carl and Turlif are working with Prof. Michael Cohen of the University of Aizu, providing an animated morph of Sazaedo to the helical keyboard.
They are also working with the City of Aizu and Aizu Japan Co., Ltd to create an animation of Kogamachi-dori as it was 150 years ago.

Finally Carl has been happily married for 30 years with two children: his son, Turlif, mentioned above and his daughter, Teha Vilbrandt Kordich, a former ballerina with the Kirov, now in the Ph.D. program in Physics at Yale University (see