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The following is a list of only some of the raw data.  The data is raw in that it needs to be converted to Open Source Software formats to assure public access.  

All presentations will be made in HTML based on the Mozilla browser and in OpenOffice.Org ( OOO)  Impress presentation .SXI file format.  When ever technically possible all digital data will be made available in a OSS file format so that it will be open to public access now and in the future. 

All of the documents below as they are now, can be viewed with out  forcing a person to purchase or use of a new higher level computers or the purchase of an operating system or application to view the data.  However all of the files below are in a file formats that are not in the public domain, thus public accesses to public data can be arbitrary constrained at anytime in the future.

  1. JPG's will be changed to  PNG's .  
  2. PDF 's  to  SXW's OOO or HTM's  something that is in an OSS format and can be edited.
  3. MPG's  to  SWF's in HTM's ....  However SWF is not an OSS format, but i don't know at this time of any OSS format.
  4. HTM will be based on Mozilla browser.

Missing from this raw data set is the Power Point presentation that is seen in the proposal video.

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[VID] FTVTR01.mpg 19-Apr-2004 02:53 23.4M Mews report
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